Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Synecdoche: My new photo project is in production.

My vision for this project is simple. It is a response to the beauty that is so pervasive in the flaws of humanity, presented in such a way that the flaws are illuminated and amplified. Too often there is a negative connotation fixed to our physical flaws, a condition spun from this preconceived notion of what is attractive, and this ridiculous and unattainable standard of beauty. I find that oftentimes the most intriguing aspects of a person are the very things in ourselves that we reject as flawed or ugly. All of this is a result of my own introspection into a tiny scar on the end of my nose that I've given way too much energy to over the years, so I've been just as guilty as the rest of us. This is my way of turning that perception around and offering a contrasting view to juxtapose these elements together. The first pieces in each model's session are meant to prepare you for the final piece, so you get to experience each person's perceived flaws before seeing the full person and how truly beautiful they all are. The catharsis is very much deliberate.

I've already decided that this project will be broken into 3 different phases. The one I'm currently at work on will feature people, another for locations, and finally one for still life. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to mix it up and post things from each series randomly or wait until a series is complete and post them in succession. I'm also undecided as to whether or not I'm going to colorize the other two series.

All posts will be made to a separate filter which will contain a link to this post. I'm going to put my entire friends list on the filter initially and anyone who wishes to be taken off the filter can comment to any of the posts and I will remove them at that time. It just might be easier for me that way. Then again, I may just create a separate LJ for this project altogether. Because of the nature of this project, some models will be nude and therefore all NSFW posts will be placed behind an lj-cut out of respect.

Sessions with the models have not begun yet because I haven't been able to schedule them, I'm going to shoot everyone as schedules permit. Below is the layout template that the work with actual human subjects will be featured in. I've chosen a film negative for the people series, so naturally everything is going to be in black and white. Much more straightforward than color negative I think. I'll also be adding noise to each piece to make things a bit grittier and give them more edge. Flaws don't have smooth edges, which is the entire point of showcasing them this way. Templates for the other two parts of the series have yet to be designed as I am undecided on the direction I want to use.

I want to thank all of my family and friends for supporting me and my big (ha!) ideas, especially the following:
  • thedigitalghost (who makes all things possible, even when that is sometimes hard for either of us to believe - let alone understand)
  • livenlearnn (who keeps me sane and serves as Bactine for the soul, or soulless in my case)
  • daisy_down (more Bactine, twice the snark)
  • 50poundnote (whose talent I admire and envy)
  • bitterlawngnome (credit goes to you Bill for suggesting the name Synecdoche, I wish I were 1/100 of the photographer you are)
  • michaelnolan (yet another piece of my puzzle and the red devil on my shoulder responsible for twisting the wild hairs and such)
  • bigfundrew, arie, bubba, and dubhain (each for vast amounts of love shown, and for celebrating me and never doubting)

    To Steve for reasons I think only he would understand, and thanks to all of you for additional love, encouragement, and incredible inspiration.

Tags: artwork, pictures, synecdoche

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