Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

What a weekend so far!

Yesterday afternoon best boyfriend EVAR surprised me with my early birthday/Giftmas present. No one has ever given me anything this nice or expensive before, so I had a very emotional reaction to it. Yeah, I cried. It is SOOOOOO very swanky, I absolutely love it. It might sleep beside me on the pillow tonight. Oh yeah - the video it records is considerably clearer and sharper, and sound is better than previously, so look for new and improved video posts to happen soon. I my new camera!

Last night best boy friendEVAR, boyfriend #3 (inside joke), and myself went to see the new Harry Potter, which I loved and thought was the best one of the four thus far. We are all in agreement that Viktor Krum is one tasty looking cub. He reminds me quite a bit of casecob, actually. Yes I would!

Today is my Daddy's 70th birthday. Saw him for a bit this morning to give him his birthday present, give him a hug, and wish him a good trip. He and my stepmom are going on a 2 week cruise to Hawaii, to help get their minds off of Chris (my little brother in Iraq) for a while and have some R&R. It was good seeing everyone, if only for a little bit. It's been a moderately lazy Saturday which is good. I'm figuring out my camera and getting ready for the ipcoming series of phtographs. Some of you are going to love the models that have agreed to do sessions for me, I know of two right off the bat that turgidtraveler is going to cream himself over. Both big and beefy, one is a firefighter and the other a construction worker. Both friends of mine, both undeniably hot. So far I've got 5 people committed to it, but I'm always looking for more. I'm still trying to figure out what layout to use for the finished pieces, overall theme(s), blah blah blah. I'm kind of waiting for the idea to reveal itself to me instead of me seeking it out too much, I prefer for it to be more organic that way.

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