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OH NOES, TEH iPR0NS! ...hat tip (and sharp spanking) goes to folk

Perspective: iPod porn pains parents, employers
Alliteration is the DEBUL!!
Adult-oriented content historically has been at the leading edge of various types of technological development, from the early days of photography, to home video players, to content available on the Internet.

Now, with new video capability on Apple Computer's iPods, pornography may push the envelope of video content available on digital content players. Of course, this development presents some issues.

It is tough enough already for parents to monitor the Internet viewing habits of their children. Many parents have home computers located in a central place, such as the living room, so that they can be sure that their children are accessing only age-appropriate content.

However, the ability of parents to monitor is seriously undermined if their children quickly can download adult content onto their iPods and then take it away from the home for easy viewing elsewhere.

If you want to stop kids from fucking, don't ban porn - ban hormones from the age of 10 until 35. And rather than decide FIRST to install spyware and blockers, how about making sure to have that age appropriate conversation about safe sex, pregnancy, STD's, sexual politics and double standards with your child? Or, you know, just keep looking the other way and be irresponsible parents, because that's worked so well for us thus far.
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