Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Getting Very Nervous/Excited/Weepy

In less than an hour, three friends of mine whom I love dearly nd who have worked SO hard for their success will be on the 39th Annual Country Music Awards. They're nominated for the Horizon Award, Vocal Group of the Year, and Single of the Year for Baby Girl.

To see my friends' faces when their nomiations are announced live on TV is going to be another milestone. I'm already preparing myself for an onslaught of tears just from this alone, and I will lose my fucking mind if they win even one. They certainly deserve it! As of 5/24/05, Baby Girl spent its 46th week on the Billboard Top Country Singles chart this week, making it the longest running single in the history of the monitored chart era.

Little bit freaked out right now, but VERY excited!

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