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Georgia Equality Invites You
To A Community Meeting

Wednesday, November 16, 2005 | 7-9PM
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Of Columbus
1442 Double Churches Road | Columbus, Georgia | 31904

  • Come find out about our "We Are Your Neighbors" campaign. Sign up to be an ambassador or to have your picture on a billboard!

  • Hear about plans for the 2006 session of the Georgia General Assembly.

  • Learn what is being done to prevent passage of legislation which would ban gays and lesbians from adopting children.

  • Volunteer to be a trained spokesperson in your area for the media.

  • Find out how you can help stop passage of a bill which would prohibit student gay/straight alliances in Georgia.

  • Discover what is being done to combat discrimination against LGBT citizens in your community and how you can play a part.

  • Meet candidates and elected officials in your area who have been endorsed by Georgia Equality.

The meeting is FREE and OPEN to the community!
For more information:

Georgia Equality | PO Box 95425 | Atlanta, GA 30347-0412 | 404.327.9898 | 404.327.9897 fax
Tags: activism, georgia equality

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