Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

On Sunday Morning...

ATTENTION: Whomever has stolen both my joy and my sex drive and replaced them with apathy and an urge to run as far away as I can from everything and everyone please return what is rightfully mine - I need those things. Also, I'm retaining water for 10 people and they want it back by midnight, so doing this quickly would be appreciated.

We went to the movies yesteday and saw Zathura, which I thought was a great movie and I did enjoy it - but you'd never know that to ask me right now. I know that 85% of it is the holidays approaching and that I do this every year, so it's nothing that I know will not pass on its own eventually. Soon we're going to get lunch and watch movies at home. I'm in the mood to see The Broken Hearts Club and Minority Report - and I have no idea why I've picked those two, as they're at complete opposite ends of, well, everything.

The highlight of my day yesterday was a result of skeeball. I love playing skeeball, it is one of my favorite pastimes. It allows me to do one of my favorite things ever, which I highly recommend. What you do is you go to an arcade or a Chuck E. Cheese kind of place where lots of kids congregate - and you play skeeball or any video game that dispenses colored tickets that the kids redeem for plastic, Made In Taiwan tchotchka crap. Once your money runs out, walk around looking at all of the kids shoes. When you find the kid with the worst, most tattered and ugly shoes in the joint, give him or her your handful of tickets, smile, and say "Here you go - add these to the rest of yours." - and don't wait for the obligatory thank you. My theory is that the kid who is wearing shoes that need to be replaced probably doesn't get a lot of pocket money or opportunity to go and blow $$$ at an arcade like a lot of the well dressed, preteen cretins running amok. All they really need sometimes is a little trinket to lift them up, something to show for their time spent playing. Sure, it's only a slap bracelet or an adjustable ring, but to kids who seldom see anything like that it's something much, much more. I don't particularly like wallowing in my misery, I prefer to think of ways I can make myself feel better. Even if I cannot do all of these things, it makes me feel like a better man to know that I would if given the opportunity.

Pay the toll for the car behind you. Leave the change in the vending machine for someone who gets shorted next time. Take any clothes that you haven't worn in the last year and give them to a clothing bank. Buy cookie dough or cinnamon rolls when you're grocery shopping, bake them, then take them to a neighbor and tell them "Here - I thought you might like these" - just because you can. Buy a copy of your favorite book, write on the inside cover the things you love most about it, and give it to someone you know will appreciate it. Pick one person every day and tell them they look fantastic - even if they really don't. Hold the door open for people every opportunity you get. Go to a playground on an afternoon where kids are playing and discreetly drop five $1 bills on the ground in different places.

Sometimes all you need to get through a day is a little faith that some of us are still good at heart, that we're not all just a collective bunch of assholes out for ourselves only. Another person's faith in you can do wonders, but in order for them to have it you need to give them a reason or two.
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