Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Senate Hearings on Big Oil
Boston: The nation's biggest oil companies defended their combined quarterly profits of more than $30 billion on Wednesday at a Senate hearing where lawmakers demanded to know when prices would ease.
Ted Stevens refused to have these guys swear in. As David says, "The Republicans will swear in baseball players but not oil execs." (Hat tip The Boston Progressive) - c/o C&L

Think about that for a second, and try not to bleed profusely. The Senate meetings on steroid usage within the MLB - not really a matter of national security, not even really affecting anything important. But they ALL got fucking sworn in. So after record windfall profits totalling billions in a single quarter, what happens when these unleaded premium assholes hit a Congressional hearing? Did Exxon Mobil CEO Lee Raymond get sworn in before his testimony? NO. Did Chevron CEO David O'Reilly get sworn in before his testimony? NO. Did they defend their industry and the profits? YES. Complete denial of price gouging despite a $0.24/gallon increase in a single day? YES. But still, it was all a big dog and pony show and more empty posturing, nothing more.
Even before the remarks got started, Democrats and Republicans debated whether the executives should have to swear to tell the truth before the panel.

Alaska Republican Stevens, head of the Senate Commerce Committee, rejected calls by some Democrats to have the executives sworn in, saying the law already required them to tell the truth.
Don't you just love these GOP standards that have such a wide berth on variables? Aren't these the people who mercilessly tout moral superiority as an M.O.?

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