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Two pandas tie the knot
Thousands of guests came to the party dressed as pandas
BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) -- Thousands of people in Thailand came to the wedding party Wednesday, but the nuptial bliss belonged to a pair of animals: the country's only two resident giant pandas.

As Chuang Chuang and his female partner, Lin Hui, have become adults and begin to mate, Thai officials decided it was time for the couple to make it official.
Despite the fact that they are clearly heterosexual pandas, it is noteworthy that not one single heterosexual HUMAN marriage has been threatned as a result of this union. And until a heterosexual human marriage BECOMES devalued or placed in peril as a result of panda nuptials, any and every person alive who stands in objection to same sex marriage can suck my motherfucking ass.

That is all.
Tags: same sex marriage
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