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Alright - the goddamned gloves are off. Not that they were ever really on to begin with.

I was hit with an epiphany earlier. It was borne of anger and frustration and general malaise. Oh, and that pesky cancer-of-the-perspective that occaisionally flares up. It was really about the whole traditional marriage/same sex marriage debacle when I was looking at the people touting both sides of the issue and clearly I saw myself in the middle of this power struggle and I finally had the oportunity to voice my $.02. I looked over at the heterosexuals who think that passing an amendment to the constitution (state and federal, it's the same fucking thing when you distill the bullshit off) will protect their traditional heterosexual marriages and said in no uncertain terms to them "Motherfuck you people and your baseless, bullshit logic - because I'm 1,000,000 X better than the lot of you combined." Then I looked over to the people striving for 'marriage equality' as an ideal - gay and straight proponents alike - and said (also in no uncertain terms) "And fuck y'all too. Get your heads out of your asses and look at the real issues here. They're not out to protect 'marriage', they're not protecting a goddamned thing. We're all sinners in their eyes and that is NEVER. GOING. TO. CHANGE. Their aim is to preserve MATRIMONY, the religious institution, from all of us Godless fornicators. They just call it protecting marriage because they're too fucking stupid to know the goddamned difference. The Evangelicals and born-agains are mostly Republican, and they have a 13% higher rate of divorce than heterosexual athiests/agnostics do, so you tell me - you want to emulate that standard of success? Success at achieving what, exactly - substandard mediocrity? The strive to be equal to a bunch of microcephalic, hypocritical windbags is truly pathetic, particularly in light of the fact that half of the goddamned time not even THEY can get their relationships right. Fuck you for trying to be equal to that, and fuck you for not trying to be BETTER than that. Because I know *I* am better than that.

Damien and I are better than my parents and siblings about our relationship. We're better than his parents too. I refuse to accept criticism from anyone who has been divorced before - least of all a fundamentalist Conservative - on what I should be allowed to have. It's the equivalent of a pro-life male to me, and I've had that argument countless times in the past - just as I will countless times in the future. It always results in "I'll tell you what, pal - the next time YOU get cramps, I'll personally buy you the fuckin' Midol. Until then, FUCK RIGHT OFF."

I got another news alert about the story in Atlanta [1|2|3|4|5|6] - this golf club and the ensuing 'discrimination' chaos around it. I've been working out a post in my head about this entire thing, and it seems to just keep getting exponentially bigger in my anger soaked psyche. The more I think about this and compare and contrast it in my head, the more I taste my own blood and bile. The crux of it is this: Druid Hills Gold Club will not allow two gay members to have their partners treated as spouses, as dictated by the rules set in place by the club since its formation. This is where I get shit for my opinions surrounding this matter, and I welcome it. If you have the proverbial sack to ante up, bring it with you and I'll tear it off like a goddamned paper towel. I'm feeling more venomous today than Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin's combined snatches anyway, in case you missed it.

I am 34 years old, 35 years old as of next month. Now I can SAY that I'm 35 all day long, but just because I SAY it does not make it so. You dig? Good. Damien is my partner. He is not, nor will he ever be as current legislation dictates, my husband - nor am I or will I be his. I do not refer to him as my husband, nor do I accept him referring to me as his. And I damn sure don't want to be referred to as a 'husbear', because I think that term is just rigodammndiculous. I'm getting off point here.

The argument here is discrimination, even though both plaintiffs are in good standing as members of this club. They are allowed by club rules to bring their partners and friends WITH THEM as they see fit, but cannot extend their partners usage of their membership priviledges as do heterosexual members with their legal spouses. SPOUSES. That's the key word here. So basically, it's the argument that transexuals have had to suffer forever in the face of intolerance and bigotry - only with different embellishments and no validity whatsoever. Speaking of embellishments, I still cannot get over the fact that these jackasses shelled out $40,000 just for the priviledge of being allowed to BE a member of this club, let alone the $500 in additional monthly fees. You assholes knew going into this place what the rules were, you had no real reason to think that they were going to bend the rules and you REALLY had no reason to get pissy when they operate within their own rights to not redefine their rules and terms. I've said at least 5 times this week over different scenarios "Look, you knew this snake would bite when you picked it up, so don't cry when you get bitten!" Pick a sensible battle, for fuck's sake! Persuing antidiscriminatory legal action against an organization when it says 'no' to you, yet is acting within the law? That's like a flamingo being denied access to a lion's den at the zoo and the flamingo somehow thinking it's being treated unfairly. How about this, Mr. Flamingo - YOU'RE A WILD ANIMAL LOCKED IN THE FUCKING ZOO!! If you're really going to make the complaint, consider first if it is in your best interests to first be where you are before your major concern is whether or not the water's too cold.

These pretentious queers want their partners to have the right to hobnob at an exclusive club, and they're willing to go to bat for the issue, but what about the 1,049 rights afforded to legally married spouses simply based on the fact that they are heterosexual unions? Apparently that doesn't matter, only being able to holler "Fore!" while playing the most boring fucking game in an exclusive private club. 'Cause if you can't pretend to be something you're just not in the eyes of the law and the society at large, that's really the definition of discrimination and it's really the problem of those intolerant people and not yourself. You're not riding in the back of anyone's goddamned bus that you don't choose to, you're not being excluded based on your sex, you're not being told that because you're a queer you can't play there, so FUCK OFF. All you're accomplishing is giving the assholes that come up with REAL discriminatory shit a reason to keep doing it.

Thanks for yet another setback, fuckers. You would do well to renounce your stupidity instead of wearing it like a shining fucking merit badge.
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