Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

The Penis Game Ressurected

T3H P3N1S G4M3 C0M3S T0 LJ!!

Okay. It has been far too long since I played the Penis Game. What's the Penis Game you say? Fine - I'll tell you. About 30 years ago when I had no other altenative but AOL, some athiest friends of mine and I would go into the Fundamentalist Christian chatrooms and play the Penis Game to see who could get TOSsed first. Eventually I had to get off AOL altogether because of the ensuing... shenanigans... Remember that, voxie? Good times.

So here's how you play:
  1. Take any existing movie title and substitute the word 'Penis' for one of the words in said title.
  2. Comment with as many titles as you wish.
  3. Make sure BEFORE you comment that you look through the list of comments to avoid duplicating someone else's answer, although you may change the wording to make it your own so to speak.*
  4. Bonus cool points for titles that use the word 'Penis' more than once.
  5. Any suggestions to more than one penis shall be referred to as 'Penii'.
  6. Consult IMDB for assistance in movie titles if necessary.

Since this is my game, I get to start.
  • Stop, Or My PENIS Will Shoot!
  • Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking PENII
  • What PENIS May Come
  • PENIS Christ Superstar
  • The Passion Of The PENIS
I'm anxiously awaiting what you all are going to come up with, I know most of you and I'm certain I'm going to be impressed! Remember, if you post about this in your own LJ that's great - but it all started here... *struts*

*NEW RULE: Same timestamp doesn't count as a duplication, appended courtesy of rustnroses
Tags: the penis game
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