Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


Holy hottentots, hide the women and liquor - it's Friday! I know that I for one could not be happier about it either. Went to dinner last night with the BBITW and then went to play putt putt - always a fun excursion. Especially the way we play. No score keeping, and you may at any time (when provoked) pick up and throw across the course and/or kick your opponent's ball. The little round dimply one meant for playing putt putt and golf with that is.

I have a ton of cd's to burn today for friends, I have a shitload of data to transfer from the laptop to the external hard drive, I have to finish domestic stuff, I have to be packed & ready to go to the lake by 5PM, and I have to make a video post - I've put that off long enough.

In keeping with the spirit of previous posts, I'm taking questions from the first 10 of you to comment with one. So get it in gear and come up with a question for me to answer in a video post, and once I hit #10 I'll answer them in the video and post it.

Come up with good ones, folks - don't disappoint me!

Oh yeah - I may be whoring myself into the wonderful world of adult video, particularly of the bear/cub type...

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