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Politics, politics, politics...

The Administration & The GOP
Bush approval dips below 40 percent
Bush's War on the Press
Cheney aide a key focus in CIA leak probe: lawyers
Rove Concludes Testimony in CIA Leak Case
The Coming Bush Tax Hikes.
In the Bush Administration, Loyalty Is a One-Way Street Only
White House press secretary gets personal
Bush Follows Script With Soldiers/Bush's staged teleconference with soldiers in Iraq
Take One: President Bush via Satellite - Amazing what gets recorded in rehearsal, ain't it?
How many vacation days has George W. Bush taken to date as president? How does that compare with Clinton?
Republicans rebuffed congressman in part due to speculation he was gay, congressman and reporters say.
And speaking of gay Republicans... *laughs uncontrollably*
Uber Asshole Rick Santorum Exposed!
O’Reilly: “If Rove gets indicted, that could bring down the Bush administration.”
Litany of woes for GOP, from Miers to Katrina, First to DeLay
DeLay's lawyers subpoena Texas prosecutor
New Ad Attacks Prosecutor in DeLay Case
DeLay: The Real Story
DeLay's campaign goes after prosecutor
FEC to probe DeLay
First said to get SEC subpoena
Frist's Stock Problems Worse Than First Expected
Current Bird Flu Czar Another Michael Brown Clone?
Rice: After 9-11 “We Could Decide the Proximate Cause Was Al Qaeda” Kos rebuts: "We could destroy the people who attacked us, or we could let our attackers off scott free to go after an unrelated and unthreatening foe. That's not "bold". That's "fucking idiotic". "

The Miers Nomination
Bush administration cronyism and incompetence
Gonzo: "There Is No Litmus Test"
Bush does have a Religious Test
Bush Applies Religious Litmus Test
Harriet's Hail Mary
Miers' Priority: Bush or the Constitution

Rude Pundit Conservative Takedown Friday - Three For One:
  • Why Rush Limbaugh Ought To Be Force-Fed His Own Liposuctioned Fat, Part 714:
  • Why Ann Coulter Is a Cunt, Part 1540:
  • William Bennett: The Easiest Takedown in History:
Shall We Dance and Fiddle Why the Republican Party Burns?
Bringing Clues to City Hall
Nexus of Politics - Awesome stuff from Keith Olbermann

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