Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


Yeah, I said it! It needed to be said! I'm NOT in a good mood, in fact I'm a bit pissy. No special reason, no reason at all really, I just am. I'm thinking I got my period today and I'm fresh out of Manpons. Today is one of those days when all i can think about is how much it sucks to be mad and not have a real tangible thing to be mad about. It has been a frustratng week, and the upside of it is that soon I will be getting more hours at work. There's a staff meeting on tuesday and I'm not sure what that's all about but I was invited by my boss to attend, so there I will be. Did I mention that I'm under a tornado watch and I could give a rat's ass? Unless of course one comes and I lose my satellite feed for this show. THAT will be most inconvenient. Then again, I could end up in Oz before it's over with. Not likely though, because this station is on the middle bit of a very steep hill and tornadoes don't really dig hills. I have yet to see the first drop of rain and the winds are pretty calm. If I hear a freight train outside, I shall grab Nigel (our station mascot and Kung Fu hamster extraordinnaire) and flee to somewhere less... well, I'm right on the corner of the building and 2 feet away from a window. Do the math...
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