Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Old S1 Styles

I've had at least 40 different layouts for this journal, I tend to go off of designs after a while. This current one has possibly lasted longer than any other, and I still love it - thanks, masterslacker!

I decided that I was going to share some of the old layouts - they're all S1 styles, so if you're still using the S1 system and would like to use any of them, knock yourself out. If you need to use any of the graphics, go right ahead but host them on your own server. If you'd like any of the current images/graphics modified for you personally, I can help you with it - just email me (jude at thedigitalghost . com) with the image/graphic and a detailed description of how you want it modified, to include colors, fonts, sizes, placement, borders, etc. and I'll see what I can do. If you find a style here that is for some reason NOT a public style, let me know and I'll change it. Anyway, enough babble - here we go...

A Solemn Notion
Style ID Numbers:
FRIENDS | 473031
CALENDAR | 473034
LASTN | 473030
DAY | 473032

michaelnolan and I were photographing in
downtown one day and found
this faucet, just... there...

Style ID Numbers:
FRIENDS | 563220
CALENDAR | 563223
LASTN | 563049
DAY | 563229

Color Change
Style ID Number:
LASTN | 470313

the background changes color
in 1-2 minute intervals, if memory serves...

Style ID Numbers:
FRIENDS | 501969
CALENDAR | 502013
LASTN | 501695
DAY | 502017

arie loved this one, this
header picture was taken in the
Spring a year ago of a waterfall...

Phantom Of The Opera
Style ID Numbers:
FRIENDS | 482676
CALENDAR | 482862
LASTN | 482860
DAY | 482994

Project Mayhem
Style ID Numbers:
FRIENDS | 532500
CALENDAR | 532509
LASTN | 532182
DAY | 532512

I love this layout...

Queer As Livejournal
Style ID Number
LASTN | 419964

Style ID Number:
LASTN | 524516

large background, takes a
minute to load...

Scholar's Journal
Style ID Numbers:
FRIENDS | 516070
LASTN | 515939

The L Word
Style ID Numbers:
FRIENDS | 574564
LASTN | 572178

Time & Concrete
Style ID Number:
LASTN | 539756

Lalaurie House
Style ID Number:
FRIENDS | 436732

My personal favorite

Human Rights Campaign
Style ID Number:
FRIENDS | 403731
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