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ladysisyphus has the goods on the Roberts Chief Justice nomination...

Instead of reading the news, I started watching CNN while having coffee earlier. I saw Soledad O'Brien being walked around the Superdome (which is now a biohazard that no one is allowed into) by an Air Nat'l Guard big wig, and in telling his version of the evacuation to Houston, he was very upset. He told her that medical and other supplies had not arrived until the final day of evac when it was essentially just too late. He repeated a few times "Where were the supplies? Where were they? I was told walking into this to expect to lose 20% of these evacuees in the move, where were supplies?" He insisted that people just don't understand the gravity of the situation, and when a comparison to conditions in Iraq were made he was quick to explain that what was happening in Iraq couldn't be compared, that in fact it paled in comparison to NOLA.

Then I see Miles O'Brien interviewing Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, who has been in NOLA for several days now and himself an native of Louisiana. When asked how this affected him personally to see NOLA and his home state in ruins, he got very indignant and went on a rambling tangent about how people needed to stop blaming the administration for anything, we're here now and that's what matters, blah blah blah. He was being a giant asshole, which given his profession you come to expect (I live in a military town, I know the type) and I half expected him to call Miles O'Brien a maggot in exchange for a hearty "SIR, YES SIR!"

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