Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Lesbians playing in my pants? You bet!

Last night I had about... (many) bottles of hard cider, and I don't know how many shots of Jager. MMMM... Jager... It's about the only time I do shots, and I don't even make the traditional Jager face - it's great. The thing about me & Jager though is it leads to all kinds of amplified behavior on my part. I already have no shame, so just imagine me at a mostly gay pool party with people everywhere.

Before the sun went down, D asked me to take my shirt off and let a photographer friend of ours snap some armpit pics, which I did. It drew lots of attention and therefore others followed suit. Cut to a few hours and several liquor sammiches later, I'm drunk as hell and there are lesbians who love gay porn (yeah, I know - interesting) asking to see my dick - which of course drew a flock of 'moes pining for a look should I actually drop trou. Naturally, having no shame, I whipped it out for them to play with. I'm actually proud that my friend Jennifer had no qualms whatsoever about playing with my then-nekkid package, I have a new respect for her. Of course, her girlfriend Tanji was looking on horrified and the other lesbian couple were kind of entranced, spellbound that there was actual cock & balls within a foot of their faces, as well as anyone near the pool who happened to be paying attention. D shows up out of nowhere, observes this, kind of rolls his eyes and laughs, and said "Oh hell, here we go!" In retrospect, I should have worn my new adjustable cockring. They probably would have liked that.

Saw lots of old friends, a few cute cubbish types, and lots of twinks and bois - none of which do anything for me at all. We had a great time, only now D has a really bad hangover and I'm sitting vigil over him. I took a B-100 vitamin before bed, which is THE best hangover preventative ever according to Dr. Mike - and it's true, because I feel perfectly fine.

Good times.
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