Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Sex Journal, A Hurricane, Photography, I Miss My Friends, and INTARWEBZ!!

I'm going to post a poll regarding ghostofaman about what kinds of things the readers would like me to write. I have a list of topics in mind, I just haven't put them down into words yet. So keep an eye out for that by tomorrow, and hopefully I can start writing it out by the end of the weekend. I've had lots of compliments on the content there and requests for new material, so it's about time for it to be updated. Also, feel free to comment with suggestions on things you may be curious about me sexually, and if it's something of interest to me or something I have experience with I may just be inspired to write. I have no problems answering questions because I have no shame whatsoever about sex, so if there's something you want to know then by all means - ask.

The prediction for Hurricane Katrina, now that it has run across South Florida (Florida: Where America Goes To Die!) is that it'll make a beeline for us. It won't get here before Monday they say. It would be nice to have a good long storm. The city is still allowing only certain days where you can run sprinklers, wash cars, water plants and lawns etc., so it would be good to not only have a good storm come through because I love them but also because we could definitely use the rain. I've got a thing for storms, I'm fascinated by them and they make me happy. Living here we generally have extreme weather - in Summer it's Africa Tarzan hot and in the Winter it's 'Jesus Squaredancing Christ, my balls just fell off!' cold. I love when we get the backspin from a hurricane here, it's windy and blustery all day and I can take great naps then. I'd give anything to be at the beach right now anyway.

This weekend I'm going to get some new pictures of D and myself. I want all new icons, and I'll make them from the new pictures. I need to post a new series of photographs anyway, it's been a long long time since I did that. My other project for the weekend is to go back through my journal and tag important entries, everything from my artwork and photography to my interactions with friends and family. There's a lot of content here over the past five years or so I've had this journal, and I've added lots of new people and had several others in my private life who go back and read in an effort to keep up with me and what I've been doing/thnking/feeling over the years. I tend to let it all hang out when I blog and I really don't care who sees it or what they think, if it's something personal enough to me I'll make it a private post or filter it in some way. Otherwise, what you get from me here is pretty much just what you'd get from me in person as the people who know me personally can attest to.

I'm getting really sick and tired of he constant feeling that I'm really missing people that I love. I don't mean the dead, I mean the living. I'm going through pictures and realizing that I don't get enough time with people and it's really depressing the hell out of me. michaelnolan, mynameisbessie, arie, bubba, xtex, six10steve, 50poundnote, astounded, lolasenvy, wsbsdrewnelson, old_age, icemeltz4u, I could go on and on.

In happier news, I am mostly recovered from Mongolian Death Flu. I can now blow my nose without feeling like my sinuses are going to explode through my eyeballs, I'm no longer hacking or sneezing my head off, and (best of all) no more yuck tummy OR spontaneous assquake. I know - HOT. Blech. My craving for all things hot and spicy has returned, in particular a ravenous craving for my beloved Ok Sun's bulgogi & kimchee. AGED BEEF - RIMMED TO PEFECTION!! YOU KNOW IT BABY!! RARR!!

So, aside from the pangs of missing people and the little bit of remaining MDF yuck that I'm trying to get over, I feel pretty good. And it's the beginning of the weekend, so I'll have internets for the next three days.

I'm back, bitches...
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