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Trying Hard To Be Myself... 
11th-Jul-2002 07:35 am
I'm in a very silly mood for some reason. {See Here} I'm also trying to crawl out of this funk of wanting to be affectionnate one minute and "Get the fuck off me" in the next. I don't like feeling this way. At all.

Let's have a look at the news, shall we? See just what lovely humans we have to share this planet with...

LAPD At It Again, "Fuck 'Can't We All Get Along'", says Inglewood CA Police Department

Oklahoma City Police Department: Screw Those LAPD Pussies! Oklahoma Arrest Suspect: "Ow! Ow!! OWWWWW!!!!"

Michael Jackson, Still Shot The Fuck Out, Now Adding Crackhead To 'Wierdness' Roster

Rev. Al Sharpton, Still Unable To Get Shit Together, Publicity Seeking Lapdog To Attention-Whore Michael Jackson

Two Texan Brothers, Pastors In Bible Study For Spanish Speaking Youth, Beat 11 Year Old Boy With Tree Branch To The Point Of Kidney Failure And Unconsciousness - Cite Lack Of Attention Paid To Bible Verses As Reason For Beating

Just wait until I come to power and take over...

A fond bow to my friend in LA, johntchoe, for inspiring me in such a way that only he can, and love & hugs to cantotre and lolasenvy - have a great time in New York and get home safely!
11th-Jul-2002 09:03 am (UTC) - A pleased, "HUH?"
What'd I do? :)
11th-Jul-2002 12:04 pm (UTC) - Re: A pleased, "HUH?"
The picture of the bull in Pamplona, for a start! And there's the wacky zaniness in your pictures and your propensity to incorporate news bits and links in your entries... I've said this before, but it's kind of like Harold And Maude, really. There's a young guy who likes to fake his own suicide and an old woman who likes to go to funerals; they get together and get it on... The only way that movie could be any better is if it had a dancing monkey. In a way, I liken you to the genius of that film. May you live a thousand years and earn a king's ransom, Mr. Tchoe! :o}
12th-Jul-2002 12:46 pm (UTC) - A "Heh."
And here I thought I'd "inspired" you to save the rain forest or pursue a new career, or something.

My general philosophy on livejournal is, since it's out on the Internet for everyone and anyone to see, that I'm writing to entertain.
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