Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Oy, it's hot. And I think I might have Ebola. Or something equally heinous.

I have a sore throat and hurty sinuses, DAMN this Mongolian Death Flu! And it's hot as hell outside, I was barely able to stand more than 10 minutes outside looking at someone close to me's new toy, but boy it sure is purty. We're supposed to be meeting a friend for dinner later, need to give him a call and see what time as he has not yet replied to my email. Then after I get home this evening, I plan on watching the series finale of Six Feet Under *snif* and promptly crashing the fuck out. I am very tired, I think my Epstein Barr is flaring up.

I brought home from Mama's a few of my baby pictures, so perhaps soon you all can catch a glimpse of a very young, not so jesus_h_biscuit. More like a mildly irritated biscuit. Right now I'm a lethargic and hurty biscuit. But at least I feel better emotionally, that's the thing.
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