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Another Week Goes By...

Hmm.... Hmmmmmm.... Hmmmmmmmm I say!


Things are for the most part back to a desirable degree of normality as of late, but I still feel myelf having an unsteady footing. Don't ask me why. Applying logic to feelings like that is akin to pissing into a moving fan set on high. Okay, someone explain where I get this shit!

In the past week I have felt complete torment and conflict. In going back over it all, (to review.... ::snicker::) I realize just how much closer to Damien I feel I am. That and how much I absolutely adore his family, in it's entirety. I got to spend a little time with Renea this weekend, which made me very very happy as I don't get to spend anywhere near the time with her that I want to.

Tonight (or rather this afternoon) Maggie, Nathan, Cole, (who is home from his week at the beach - WAHOO!!!!!) Avery, and myself are going to Damien's house for dinner and swimming.

I'd make this longer, but I have schtuff that needs tending. Have a great day, all of you - I miss my friends I don't see much anymore, and love you all!


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