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I feel better, oddly enough. Particularly in light of the disastrous face off I had yesterday with D's mother. To say we're not exactly getting along is a spectacular understatement. Yesterday started to get ugly, but thankfully I had enough self respect to get up and walk the fuck out before saying what I really wanted & needed to say. The moral of the story is that I love D more than I hate her right now, so I'm supporting him and doing what I have to do. The situation within the family at present is so completely fucked that I've come to appreciate where I stand now with everyone, her included, and there is great peace of mind in knowing that finally.

What you never think could happen WILL happen. Final addendum on this matter for any parties involved - don't start any shit with me in my own journal, don't make it worse than it already is. Demonize me all you want, talk about me to whomever you want, make all the empty threats you want - but love Damien more than you hate me and I'll do the same. So that's that.

Second episode of Weeds airs tomorrow, it's one of the best shows ever. There are only two episodes of Six Feet Under, the series finale is next Sunday. Fantastic show, great run.

I got an advanced copy of the new Sigur Rós album 'Takk', thanks to Mikey who loves me. I've listened to it twice now, and it is amazing. It's a complete 180 from (), it is much lighter and happier sounding. It will be released next month on the 12th. Sadly, the Atlanta concert is sold out, not that it would have mattered as it is on a Tuesday and there is no way possible we could have left town anyway between work and home responsibilities. I'm not complaining, I'll see them live one day.

So that's about it. Watching Nightmare On Elm Street with D and laughing my ass off at how pitiful it really is. Do yourself a favor and rent it for oldtime's sake, and watch for the scene towards the end where Freddy falls over the upstairs bannister and onto the stairs. Pay close attention - it's the best part of the whole movie. Look on the stairs when he falls, you'll clearly see a twin mattress. BEST. EVAR.

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