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Roberts,, Frist, Santorum, Palmeiro, Phelps, and a nosebleed

John Roberts - friend or foe? Definitely friend OF foe, that much is certain. So much is on tilt right now that it is hard to determine - however, when shitwhack right wing organizations like the Family Research Council get wind of his pro-bono involvement in helping out a gay rights group lobbying the Supreme Court in a landmark victory for us, the funniest things happen. You can practically see the fundies shitting themselves while spinning the entire story. With his record stance on Roe V. Wade and his involvement in the election theft of 2000, I'm not convinved he's as impartial as one should be, lest we have another Scalia on the bench. This latest revelation, however, does make for a more impartial case in his favor.

What the hell is going on everywhere else? Are the Republicans in power starting NOW to distance themselves from the incompetent Shrub once the bag of tricks has been exhausted? In a little over a week, Bush's Iraq credibility is now even being questioned by the neocons and yet MORE vacation time being taken under scrutiny from anyone with even a misfiring synapse, Frist's swing favoring stem cell research, Santorum's move away from his original stance on teaching evolution and now being critical of teaching 'intelligent design' in classrooms - but then ol' Rick's poll numbers are down, on with the politicking! Tell me you couldn't smell THAT one like a fart in a car. Oh yeah - speaking of Bush missing out on evolution, (laugh now, you'll never hear that sentence again) he's still adamant about his confidence in Karl Rove having done nothing wrong in the Plamegate scandal, again endorsing Christian conservative efforts to teach 'intelligent design' as an alternate to evolution, and now publically offering his support of Rafael Palmeiro's innocence of steroid abuse - even though he tested positive. Yeah. Who remembers the congressional hearings on this bullshit a while back, and how ridiculous it was even then? Fuck, I'm a MLB fan myself and I couldn't (and still can't) understand how this was made an issue that merited congressional hearings, especially during wartime. He stated point blank that he'd never used steroids. Now he tests positive for them. Why does this even matter to Herr Shrub? Hmmm, might this be his thank you for Palmeiro's campaign contribution? It's all here in WaPo.

And now, for a few words on the Fred Phelps Cult. I know that every time he makes a stink or pickets a funeral of a gay person (now a favored target is soldiers), that some feel diminished as people and deeply offended. And it's hard not to, I understand that. Sites dedicated to tracking him and his banjo picking, sibling fucking, eleven fingered family and their 'church', such as God Hates Homophobes, Baptist Watch don't really tell you the thing that matters most - the fact that it doesn't matter.

Here's the thing with Fred & Company, they don't count. Giving them attention and power only titilates them. They live on the hope that someone will try to stifle their free speech rights (which, I hate to break it to you, is and should be protected speech) or cause injury so they can sue and make money. That's what they do. They're a family of lawsuit happy lawyers picking up his slack from subsequent disbarrment. Whether they really believe the bullshit they preach or not is insignificant, they're American citizens and as such are free to believe whatever bullshit they choose. Don't like it? Don't listen to it. Ignore it. If he pickets a funeral or a school or a pride parade, while highly offensive and disrespectful, it is hardly criminal. They're not taken seriously by anyone that matters enough to claim a position of power and really impact your life. Even pigfuckers like Louis P. Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition for Jesus Nazis don't know what to do about him, except make baseless assertions about how Fred is actually helping the GLBT community. Yeah, that's what gave me the nosebleed. A group like this is one you need to be concerned about, as they not only curry favor with the White House, but with all right wing politicians and their constituencies. Don't be concerned with Fred, be concerned with the Traditional Values Coalition, and here's why. Worry about Focus on the Family, the AFA, Concerned Bitches for America, the Eagle Forum, and the Chistian Coalition. They're the ones to watch. And who else? They come from all over the place clamoring for their 15 minutes. Check out the American Taliban, you'll see. Just don't waste your time getting worked up over Fred & the family. The sooner they stop getting attention, the sooner they'll move to Guyana and I can send them parcels of special Kool Aid. So basically what I'm saying here to that effect is pay no mind to the rabid fundie with no power whatsoever and he'll eventually go away. Help me help you, you know?
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