Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I Am Jack's Contented Inner-Homo

Had Bulgogi with stir fried veggies, rice, and some ball rocking kimchi for dinner. I was really just craving the kimchi. Now I'm munching on chocolate almonds and hanging out with my D. I'm with him for the weekend, we're not doing much aside from being lazy and not dealing with ANYTHING until the family meeting on Sunday. I have freshly ground coffee for the morning, I have no need for anything else right now. I feel content not having anything pressing on me at the moment, and am looking forward to getting lots of rest this weekend.

six10steve, I left you voicemail - you can reach me at D's. I love you too, very much, and I really wished you were here, but I'll definitely see you next weekend.

arie, bubba, I just love you two - I don't know how else to say it. I can hardly wait to see you next weekend.

albumlady, I was going to call you just now but I want you to get your rest. If you wake up before too late, give me a call on D's cellphone (I think you have it, let me know if you don't) or anytime tomorrow after lunchtime. I love you too, sweetie - I'm glad you're okay after the fender bender.

To anyone else I'm forgetting, my love and gratitude for what you've given back. Still mood swinging, trying to keep it on an even keel, I think it's working.
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