Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Walking out the door on the way to Atlanta, see most of you tomorrow. We're meeting Mom & Tina (bsby sister) at the College Park MARTA Station at 11:00ish, then heading sraight to the Civic Center station to meet up with everyone else for the parade. WIsh us luck, you'll all get details, pictures, and video when we get back.

Make sure if you're going to be in the parade march that you're at the Civic Center MARTA station NO LATER than noon on Sunday. Be early if you have to be, and eat lunch beforehand 'cause we're not stopping until we get to the park. I'll be wearing a green t-shirt, khaki shorts, and sneakers. We'll be right there at the train station exit, street level.

My love to all, Happy Pride!
Tags: pride

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