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State school board rejects parental permission for clubs
The state Board of Education voted Tuesday to reject a requirement that students obtain permission from their parents to join high school clubs, an offshoot from a controversy over a gay support group in one local school system.

Critics of the proposal, which was defeated 10-3, had said the policy would be a violation of the students' First Amendment Rights. Supporters said parents have a right to know what clubs their children join.

Initially, the rule change would have required students to get written permission to join any of the 100 or more clubs that some schools offer, ranging from school yearbook staffs to Habitat for Humanity chapters. Teachers and principals complained that would be too much red tape.

Tuesday's vote was on a rule that would have allowed local school systems to choose their own way of obtaining parental permission.

Beth Littrell, an attorney with the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said schools prohibiting students from joining club is "a violation of the students' First Amendment rights."

Sadie Fields, chairwoman of the Christian Coalition of Georgia, said said it was "a sad day when our Board of Education refuses to stand with parents. Parents have a right to know. Parents have a right to be informed,"¹ she said.

An effort to start a gay support group called a Gay-Straight Alliance in northeast Georgia's White County drew attention last winter. The school board agreed to allow the club, but later school administrators recommended eliminating all "noncurricular clubs" at White County High School.

State Rep. Bobby Reese, R-Sugar Hill, said opposition to the proposal before the state board was "appalling." Reese is the sponsor of legislation aimed at student clubs and said he will fight to get the bill passed next year.

"If you have children in school, why wouldn't you want to know what's going on in that child's life at school?"² Reese said. "To me, it's just common sense."³
¹ No, Sadie - it is a victorious day when the School Board represents it's fucking STUDENTS - so FUCK OFF! By the way, girl - how's your dyke daughter? *laughs heartily*

² Excuse me, Bobby - but why is it the School Board's job to raise your child for you? Why is it you'll continually waste time in Committee with this bullshit, but you don't do anything in the way of encouraging these very parents to take a more active role in their children's lives so they would know what they're doing anyway? Answer: you're too busy currying favor with the likes of Sadie Fields and politicking - you're about as interested in serving your constituency as she is in having to accept her children (or mine, or yours) having opinions and choices of their own.

³ No, Bobby - common sense is in knowing that we're Americans and we should strive to perserve democracy - for EVERYONE, not just heterosexual, white Christians. We are all allowed free will, even the Bible says that.

Besides, Jesus would join a gay/straight alliance.
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