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I am so unbelievably tired

This has been quite a long weekend. Today has not been made easier by the fact that I went to a house party last night outside of my usual antisocial form and ran into friends I had not seen in years. I got the chance to reconnect with them, laugh about old times and rehashed old losses, in particular friends we have all lost along the way. It was a celebratory evening, so rather than mourning those losses we spoke of them matter of factly in a very deliberate way.

Did I mention that I completely tied one on? I haven't drank that much in a LONG time. After the six pack of Honey Brown that I literally sucked down like it was water, I decided to walk back to the house and fix myself the first in a succession of scotch and sodas. Apparently I was on the blended scotch tasting tour, as I recall having Johnnie Walker Red, Dewar's, & Chivas. I prefer Glenlivet, but none was available, and therefore I stuck with the blends - which were fine for me. Sleep last night was very restless and I managed to get precious little - something I hope to make up for tonight.

My beloved got his much sought after and well earned laptop this morning after a tedious and difficult waiting time, which means that I have inherited the computer he built a while back that the laptop replaced. It's so swank, I want to love it and kiss it and stroke it's hard drives. Ridiculously fast, TONS of GB for space, and a full Gig of RAM - which I've never had before. I've named the computer Ripley and the external hard drive Newt. And yes, when the dog came in to sniff the new computer I roared at her "Get away from her you BITCH!" *smirk*

This morning the entire house of humans (excluding myself, of course) vacated in favor of Disney World until next Monday. I have the entire house to myself. Tomorrow I shall awake and make myself some coffee, read the newspaper uninterrupted, and play loud soul music while I clean up the house. I cannot have vacation down time in a dirty house, so tomorrow I shall clean it up a bit until I feel like being lazy and not doing anything I don't want to do. I will take long naps, write, watch documentaries, read, and relish my time in quiet solitude. As for now, I'm tired of data transfer, program installation, and generally just being awake.
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