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What an odd day...

The good news is that the antihistamine combination I'm taking hs been quite effective today, I could smell AND taste the dinner I made! I thought I was coming down with a fever earlier, turns out it was just a hot flash of some sort.

My beautiful, extraordinary sweet D will be home tomorrow evening and I am looking forward to taking him in my arms and holding him more than you can imagine. This is the longest that we've ever been apart, and the farthest distance we've ever endured away from one another. And to tell the truth, it's made me feel very out of sorts. We'll make up for it next week as I'll have the entire house to myself while the family is off visiting Mickey Mouse and the like.

Welcome to all of the new people who have added me, feel free to plunder my icon repository and take anything you like - there something there for everyone. With almost 250 icons, there damned well should be!

I feel very calm with the promise of my boy coming home to me tomorrow. I've been extremely clingy this week and anyone who knows me knows that I'm rarely like that for extended periods of time. Perhaps I'm just becoming more affectionate, who knows. I think it would br great if that were the case, I know that he for one would be much happier. And several of my friends as well. Don't schedule the cuddle party or anything, that shit creeps me out. Fuckin' cuddle parties. No sex? No dry humping? Fuck off, just FUCK OFF!! That's like giving me an empty bun when I'm hungry and telling me it's really a hamburger or something. "Think it and be it, okay?" Um, no.

I'm looking forward to being in Atlanta during Pride weekend, to have the opportunity to meet so many new friends and hug and kiss the people I love while celebrating such a great communal sense of solidarity, there's just nothing else quite like it. I've already decided that I'll be making a video post during the parade march. It's going to be incredible seeing people's reactions who have never experienced it, I think that is possibly my favorite part of it. Being in an environment where for once you are part of the majority has got to be one of the most liberating experiences you can imagine.

Upcoming Posts in honor of Pride month:
  • Transgendered Folks, and why I have a special place in my heart for them
  • AIDS facts, myths, and why it is still a "gay disease" in some people's eyes
  • The Passion of Harvey Milk
  • Films I Revere
  • Activating your inner activist
  • Marriage equality
  • Learning to love & respect yourself, because we've all cried from being shit on enough already
Any other subjects you'd like to see me tackle while I'm at it?
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