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The Quick & The Dirty...

Alrighty then...

My trigger finger is itchin' like a motherfucker. Having read everyone else's opinions thus far about what is right, wrong, blah blah blah bleh bleh bleh...

If I'm on your LJ friend's list, and you don't like what I have to say, probably taking me off your friend's list would be a good idea. That's the first thing.

Second thing is - no one has to like a single word of what I have to say, and feel free to call me anything you wish. I'm certain I've been called worse by better people. If you resort to namecalling with me, and throw a nasty label on me that I know doesn't fit me, I'll most likely roll my eyes. It's said that the truth hurts in such cases. There you go on that one.

Third point of order, I call it like I see it. If I'm wrong, I'll say I'm wrong - if not, I have nothing to apologize for.

Josh: Thank you for your tact in responding to me.

Kelly: Having read your reply, I'd like it known that John has never said anything disparaging about you to me. So he's never accused you of instigation to me before. As for the rest, we'll agree to disagree. I told you I wasn't the gramar nazi!

Mandy: Tell you what.. You put a gag on your buddy blenderfh2 and I'll never post another unkind thing about you in this journal. That way no one has to hear you making hypocritical statements like "mind your own business" and "It's my relationship, not yours".

Minding my own business about your relationship? You ceased HAVING a relationship with John, so it's not yours alone anymore - and I'm one of the ones to pick him up and dust him off. Don't like my methods? It's not your fault, just your problem. I never doubted until recently that you cared for John, but I think you did some things that were selfish and coldhearted, the least of which was breaking up with him. Clearly that should have happened if you weren't ready - no blame in that. It's not like I think you should be crucified for that decision, I'm not upset with you for that at all. But you didn't want a relationship with him anymore and yet didn't break it off COMPLETELY and instead opted to have him think this was a temporary separation.

Oh - whining about the ring because you tried to give it back and he wouldn't take it? If you were breaking up with the guy, you shouldn't have accepted it in the first damned place. Then - to top it all off, breaking off a relationship with someone while online????????? Oh yeah, that's love and consideration of someone else's feelings that you claim to care so deeply about.

Before you go and bawl John out for not defending you against me, suggest that YOUR friend publicly apologize before you make such assertions. If I was "bad" for what I said and John wasn't trying to defend your "good name", what the hell makes you think her nastiness towards him is any better or more legitimized? You're grubbing on cake that ain't yours. Pay for it or give it up.

"So if you want me you can write me
and the town that you can find me's called...

"What You Signed Up For" - Jennifer Nettles
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