Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Make Plans To Attend NOW!!

The 2005 Atlanta Pride Celebration theme is: UNITE AND ACT

The parade kicks off on Sunday June 26, at 1:00PM from the Civic Center MARTA station. That is usually where my group of folks meets, about an hour before. If you plan on coming, I recommed taking MARTA. We're coming up from Columbus, so we park at the College Park station. It's free, secure parking and it beats having to fight for parking intown. It's right by the airport, too. From 85 North, take the Air Cargo/Loop Road exit. Keep right and look for the MARTA sign - then take the first right. After the first light, the College Park station is on the left. MARTA fare is $1.50 one way, and you'll have to buy tokens. Make sure you've had lunch BEFORE you get on the parade route, you'll need the energy and food in the park (aside from not really being healthy) is expensive.

Since I've done this several times before, know that there are several things you need to make sure of before you come to walk in the parade. The following items are highly encouraged:
  • drinking water
  • sunscreen
  • cash
  • sunglasses
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • extra socks
  • umbrella
  • chapstick
  • medication, should you need it (ibuprofin, acetaminophen, Immodium (trust me, don't need it and NOT have it)...
  • cool, light colored clothing
  • camera
  • ziploc bags for anything you don't want to get wet in the monsoon that ALWAYS comes for an hour or two
I really want a big group of people there with me. I know several of you have expressed an interest, if you plan on meeting us in time for the parade on Sunday then please comment to this post and let me know. Even if you've already told me, tell me again so I can keep a somewhat ordered list and so everyone else can see who's coming as well.

If you'd like to buy one of my Pride items, go right ahead. I make no money off this stuff, that's my choice. All you pay for is the item cost and shipping. I currently have only two designs, but there are tons more designs made by others. I would check out Rainbow Sauce, Pride In Art, Over The Rainbow, Rainbow Depot, Mercury44, & Top Pun. Google is helpful as well. And if you're bearcentric like us, WOOF AWAY!

If it's your first Pride event, know now that you're going to be dealing with a very overwhelming thing. Hundreds of thousands of people. Most celebrating equality and being joyful. There will also be the others there, they always are. They have a right to say and think what they want as much as anyone else does, however misguided and wrong it may be. If they don't then none of us do. We all know better, so they don't count. Nothing they would have to say to us matters, they do not define anything for anyone but themselves. So we're not going to be bothered. Giving the attention whores any kind of power over you validates their existence, if you don't do that then they'll go away. They're like faeries that way, only not our kind...

So who is coming with us? I want to know how many people I get to kiss that day!
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