Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


I'm no more proud of being non-heterosexual than I am proud of being white, male or 30-something.
Hi. My name is Brad. And I'm not proud of being gay. There. I said it.

I am proud of being a good man. I am proud of being an accomplished caregiver and a good friend. I'm proud that I can help people and nurture them. I'm proud that I can meet a total stranger and make them laugh, that I always look people in the eye to make them feel like whatever they are saying is the most important thing I've ever heard, and that I can inspire people on occaision to be better tomorrow than they were today. I'm proud for a lot of things, but being gay isn't one of them.

I had no choice in being who I am, any more than I chose to have brown eyes or a receding hairline - or even a dick for that matter, which I am really glad to have for the record. It's very nice and has served me (and others) well...

I do not believe in Gay Pride in that sense - I believe in Gay Shame and I believe in Normalcy. I believe that you buy all the bullshit that is forced upon you by family and society and religious intolerance, or you reject that idiocy and accept yourself as you are unapologetically. I am proud of the GLBT people before me that paved the way in blood, sweat, and tears so that I could live in a freer society than they did. That's what Pride represents to me, honoring those brave souls with a big worldwide party. All of the posts I make this month about Pride will be in the spirit of these "alternative" pioneers who threw enough caution to the wind that it enabled them to affect change in the world.

I'm proud of anyone who is brave enough to come out. It's not easy being a minority in a world full of stupid people. Coming out, contrary to popular belief, is not for sissies. Living in fear is not living, it's barely getting by on whatever table scraps someone unworthy of knowing you decides to throw under the table for you. I say FUCK THAT. Sure it's hard dealing with rejection, but not as hard as living a lie is.

So here's the deal. on June 26th of this month I along with many of my friends - lots of straight ones who wouldn't miss Pride for the world - will be in Atlanta, Georgia. It'll be on a Sunday. We're meeting at the Civic Center MARTA station as we always do so we can march in the Pride parade in solidarity with people who believe in freedom of expression, bravery, and having a good time. There will be dykes on bikes, leathermen, drag queens, hot bears and cubs, twinks, regular guys & gals, your lawyer, your doctor, your mail carrier, the guy who served you a triple venti latte, the woman who changed your oil, and thousands of people you wished were all naked. There will be an endless stretch of food vendors, political action groups, merchants, musicians, artists, and everything else you can think of. And smack dab in the middle of it will be myself and my closest friends. I invite any and all of you to join us, because the more the merrier. I would love to experience this event with you, especially if you've never attended with people who truly wished you were there with them - and we do. Gay or not, we don't care. We'll have at least two married couples and (mostly) heterosexual family units - complete with children - there marching alongside us. Do it for me, do it for yourselves, and never be the same again. Spend the day with us, there's nothing better you need to be doing on that day. I'll even give you a kiss if you want one, I promise...
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