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I got to talk to my daddy for a bit yesterday, I reminded him that I loved him and that I'd go with him next week to see my Grandmother if he needed me there for moral support. I told him I'd keep an eye on the house, check on the pool, and the animals while they were in San Francisco this week.

I made dinner for Damien's family for Father's day. Everyone enjoyed it and afterwards we drove out to my daddy's house so I could check things and so we could take a dip in the pool. Damien set up the DVD player they got his dad for Father's day, and afterwards he hugged Damien and thanked him. This is significant for a number of reasons.

To begin with, they have never been exceptionally close. Things had been rather strained for a while after Damien came out to his parents a while back, and his dad is the last one to come around.

Tom Lytle is a fantasic man, he's career army and very proud. You can tell in the way that he looks you in the eye whether or not he likes and/or respects you. He never makes me feel out of place or unwelcomed in his presence. Neither of his parents do. Matter of fact, they make me feel like a long lost friend most of the time. I told his mom that part of the reason why I feel so serious and stable about Damien is because I have independent relationships with them as well, her in particular, being that he is so close to her. I told her that it made me feel sure of him that I could have these. She agreed.

When it came time to go home, his dad was sitting on his bed watching tv. I went in to tell him happy father's day one last time and to shake his hand, when the most remarkable thing happened. He made the move to give me a hug! I was looking down and didn't see it, but Damien was behind me and did. I cannot believe I missed that! Oh well, another day another time.

You cannot know what it means to me that his family accepts me as part of itself, especially his dad.

Life is good. Of course, it could be a lot better had I not talked to John and gotten the news from him that woke me out of a dead sleep at 1AM thinking "something is wrong", couldn't get back to sleep and got online. I decided to get online when I went to get a glass of milk (yes, I actually do that in the middle of the night) and saw that Maggie was still signed on to AOL. I guess she just forgot to sign off or something.

All I can think is "That little bitch, I hope you're fucking happy now that your selfishness has a casualty." Whether or not I am founded in this or not is not the issue, it's just the fact that she's hurt someone I'm very fond of and I cannot let go of that fact. I tried very hard to like that girl and see some good in her, hell I even tried to be a friend to her as well!

Overheard by the daycare attendant at Maggie's gym, Cole on the subject of Daddies;
"My weal Daddy died and his name was Shane. But my mommy got me a new Daddy and his name is Nayfen and he's vewwy good to me. I love him a lot."


I'm keeping you in my thoughts, John - and sending you my energy. I love you, man - I sincerely do - and will do anything for you. I'm on your side!
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