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Just Some, You Know, Stuff...

I posted this in Katie's journal on a comments page, thought I'd pass it along as it might be of use (or humor) to some of you. Those WITH a sense of humor, anyway.

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible

How I Became The Tree Huggin' Pagan

Jesus Dress Up ::snicker::

Ship Of Fools - The Magazine Of Christian Unrest

The Official Church Of Satan Website - Believe it or not, there are some interesting things here. The Satanic sins, Satanic statements, and Satanic rules of the earth in the Theory/Practice section... Very interesting, but I don't really go for all that pageantry m'self, so... Did I mentioned that the last time I drank warm goat's blood from a silver chalice that I had an allergic reaction? ::re-snickers::

Sister Taffy Um... YEAH!!

Betty Bowers... so close to Jesus, he validates my parking!

Christian History - A Few Questions

Also, someone give Michael a code so he too can be part of the LJ collective!

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