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As If The Past 2 Days Weren't Fucked Up Enough...

I was told to call my sister, that she has something to tell me. I call her. My Uncle Kelly is in the final stages of liver cancer and could go any day. He's at home now with his family in Cleveland on a morphine drip and trying to keep everyone's spirits up. Then I learn that my grandmother (my father's mother) has just been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer and has been given the prognosis of 2 - 6 months to live. They've put her in a fucking nursing home already and are talking about hospice care.

Did I mention that they have not told her yet?

My father, his brother and his sister are all going to see her in like a week and a half or so and they're going to explain it all to her then. For the time being, she's on some sort of pain management patch thing that gives her steady medication and can get other things as needed.

I'm shot the fuck out. I'm tired, I'm emotional, I'm fucking angry, and I'm just waiting... WAITING on one more thing to come and set me off. Of course, in just a couple of days I'll have gotten some more perspective, but for now I'll apologize beforehand for snapping at anyone I encounter over the next few days. Know now that I don't mean it, I'm just really not quite myself right now.
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