Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I am teh inspiration!

From the desk of rustnroses:
So, I'm creating a meme...cuz it's fun and I don't want to do work. But really it's all jesus_h_biscuit's fault.

He posted about his new journal layout and I died laughing at his new journal name (I Help Write The Homosexual Agenda: I should come with a warning.) which got me thinking about my new t-shirt from the boy with Stewie on it which took me back to the first time Richard saw one of the magnets on my fridge that reads "The fastest way to a man's by tearing a hole through his ribcage" that was given to me by one of my floormates our first year of college because he saw it and immediately thought of me.

Why am I telling you all of this...because I want to know what warning label you would give me and what others would give you...

So, the meme:

Step 1 - comment with whatever you think would be the best warning label for me
Step 2 - copy this into your journal so your friends can tell you the same

Disclaimer - this is meant to be fun and humorous...don't paste this into your own journal unless you have a well-developed ability to laugh at yourself.
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