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Journal Facelift #40something: Bruised Purple Smooth Sailing. I you, masterslacker!

Once I get done with some serious housecleaning today, I'm going to do a few photo edits and get them posted. I am seriously thinking about a new icon set and custom mood theme to complete this journal, but am as of yet undecided. I finished (as finished as I'm going to get until I see him in person next for a final tweaking) six10steve's cd cover artwork, and I'm really needing to Photoshop some stuff for myself. This past weekend was so great that I'm simmering on inspiration, I only hope it doesn't go cold before I'm able to use it. I've got to get a new roll of posterboard for photo backdrops, but I can get that from my Dad.

This week is going to be intense, my sister (supertina) is graduating from high school on Saturday, and after that is a party in her honour. There will be all kinds of friends and family buzzing around Mom's (djrl) house beginning Thursday I think, which is when we're going to go grocery shopping so I can cater this shindig. Doing a California Onion dip that I know she likes, spinach dip, a fruit/cheese tray, a veggie tray, some tea sandwiches, and maybe some foccaccia. Easy stuff, really. We're going to economize by getting most of the veggies and fruit from the farmer's market, fresh foccaccia dough from the bakery (I can adulterate it at home, make twice as much, and save about $4 per loaf that way), and I'm going to make most of this stuff well in advance. I have to remind myself to take pictures of the buffet I'm setting up, because I used to get paid $$$ to do that and I can show people how to make a really cool looking display - particularly if you're interested in doing the houseparty thing and want to set up a buffet or food station that looks like you paid out the ass to have someone come in and cater for you.

Mom also got The Color Purple on DVD, presumably from Netflix, and since D and I are going over there tonight to go over the schedule of this week's goings-ons, we might as well watch it tonight if time allows. Mom has never seen this movie, it is safe to assume that Christina hasn't either, and I don't recall if Damien has or not. Who knows if he'll even be interested. I hope so, it is my second favorite film ever made, next to Fried Green Tomatoes. I haven't seen either of these films in a long while, so it will be nice to revisit these old friends and have the opportunity to share them with people I love desperately.

I really need to get motivated to clean, my knee feels better this morning and I've got plenty of energy to multitask. This is going to be a great week to follow a great weekend, I'm still riding on my excitement from seeing my Atlanta friends on Saturday, and this week is also going to be full of friends and family and love to spare. Soon I need to post about plans for Pride, I want as many of you with me on that day as I can get!! Don't make any plans for Sunday, June 26th - get your asses to Atlanta and join us for the day!!
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