Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Yep, he's mine...

After lunch today @ Panera Bread:
thedigitalghost: Why can't you just admit that you're wrong and I'm right?
jesus_h_biscuit: Because we both think we're right, and the problem is you won't agree to disagree on this fact.
thedigitalghost: THAT IS NOT TRUE!

At Lowe's:
jesus_h_biscuit: Oooh, look at the pretty orchids!
thedigitalghost: Those aren't orchids, they're irises.
jesus_h_biscuit: No, they're orchids - you can tell because they look like vaginas, not that you'd really know...
thedigitalghost: What a vulva thing to say to me!
jesus_h_biscuit: ROFLMAO!
thedigitalghost: Great, now I have this nasty taste in my mouth...
jesus_h_biscuit: *dies*

In the truck on the way home from Walhell*:
thedigitalghost: Communist? Atheist? So yes, the Chinese don't really have a religion. No prayer in China. Only rice...
jesus_h_biscuit: lol, crackhead!

* Overheard from some redneck woman to another one in Walhell:
"I am tryin' to keep muh kewl here, but you are just-a pullin' on muh cord..."

Hmmm... I hope her cord wasn't the one in her hoo-hoo, because that would just be wrong. I might have nightmares now about confederate cooch.
Tags: humor
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