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Comment if you link to this, I'd like to keep track of how far it goes!

A while back, I posted a story about Marshall County (Alabama) Sheriff Mac Holcomb posting a diatribe on the county's Web site that referred to homosexuality as "an abomination." While making it clear his view hasn't changed, Holcomb has moved his ignorant ramblings to a personal Web site. An excerpt:
I am proud to be an American and that I was fortunate enough to be born in Alabama. The state that has its motto "We dare defend our rights". I was raised in era, the 1940's as a child and the 1950's as a teenager, which I remember with great affection.

During this era, love of God, family, and country abounded. Men were men and women were women and there was no mistaking which was which. Both were proud of their individual roles. Homosexuality was very queer and a despicable act… an abomination.

...The "Ten Commandments" were proudly displayed as a reminder that the real Commander in Chief and Final Judge is God and that this nation was founded on Judeo/Christian principal. Neighbors helped each other instead of jumping at the chance to file a lawsuit.

A man's word was his bond. My word and bond to you, the citizens of Marshall County, is to do my very best to devote all my energy to do my part to return our society to the values that we once held dear.

Please join me. I need your help. Our children deserve no less.
Then just yesterday, a letter was written to the Queer Day news source I frequently use that read the following from a resident in this fuckstain's jurisdiction - THIS, my friends, is priceless:
Just thought your readers would like to know that our dear sheriff was recently caught with his "high moral" pants down. Literally !!!!

Mr. Holcomb was caught in the act of adultery with his secretary, who just happens to be a deputies' wife. Upon catching them in his bed, the deputy put what we southerners like to call, "a good old fashioned ass whoopin" on him...LOL There are city and county officials who are trying desperately to cover this indiscretion. So have your readers do as they wish.

Concerned in Guntersville
Oh, but it is time to grab a piece of this pie, I'll even supply the ice cream! If you have a minute, please write good ol' Sherriff Holcomb and thank him on behalf of nontraditionalists, freaks, perverts, fags, dykes, trannies, and assorted other misfits everywhere not just for illuminating what a great big shithead he is, but for making a complete mockery of everything he stands for in plain view of the entire world. Make sure he knows that he cannot blame any of this on us, make sure he knows that his ultimate ruin is his OWN "less than intelligent design", and remind him about that whole "Thou shalt not commit adultery" thing for good measure.

Sheriff: Mac Holcomb
425 Blount Avenue
Guntersville, AL 35976
Phone: (256) 582-2034
Fax: (256) 571-7774

Then we move slightly North to Tennessee, where the sponsor of the antigay marriage amendment to the state is involved in a similar infidelity, resulting in a very messy & bitter divorce.

Commit a random act of revolution.
- jesus_h_biscuit

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