Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

They grow so fast...


To my little ballistic princess!!

We went out to dinner for her birthday last night, her choice. She immediately chose Sushiko. How many 3 year old kids do you know that want sushi for their birthday dinner, I mean really? She ate half of a California roll (her favorite), some lemon salmon, & fried rice. At Sushiko, if you sit on the hibachi side and there are kids at the table, you get to play the Broccoli Game. Oh my Dog, but I love the Broccoli Game. The chef cuts a few pieces of broccoli into tiny little pieces, then flips them with a spatula way up into the air and lets you try to catch them in your mouth. Everyone gets two chances, and last night everyone at our table that played caught their broccoli on the second try. It began as a fun way to try and encourage kids to eat broccoli, and now it's one of those things everybody wants. It works, too - Cole and Avery love broccoli, so seeing them eat it encouraged their cousins to participate last night.

Avery got several presents last night, but her favorite by far is her brand new, shiny, pink tricycle. As I type this she is trying to navigate the hallway with it, runs into a door, and says in her sing-song voice "Okay, work with me!"

Where did three years go?
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