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A good day, and damnit all to hell, wouldn't you know it...

I went to sleep completely drained after nodding off on the couch. I was asleep for maybe 45-50 minutes and the woke up, wide awake. So I post to my LJ now what I was saving for the morning.

D and I went to Atlanta this morning as planned. We went straight to the rugby match, where we were to meet up with xtex (texmex - HA!) & belmontx. More on him later. We walked around the pitch and watched a bit of the game, me mouthing off in my usual snarky way about everything I could observe, and waiting for six10steve to come up off the field and hang out with us a bit. We gave him his present from us in honor of his DJ debut tonight, which I hope went especially well as I know how much energy and time he's put into this gig. I called and left him a voicemail about 30 minutes after his set was scheduled to end letting him know I was thinking about him and that I hope it went well. I'll get all the details about that later.

While we were there I saw djxatlanta recording video of the match and didn't want to disturb him, so I just waved. Then we moved and I lost him, so I'll have to wait until next time to give you your hug, Michael. I got to meet wolfpup76 & beartard, who both seem hilarious in their own ways and must've thought I was insane on a multitude of levels. If you're reading this now, know that I really am like that all the time, it has nothing to do with any medication or lack thereof. *clicks the PA again, just for fun* A minute or two before we left to head off to L5P, I got a hug from six10steve, and then off we went.

Got to L5P a few minutes later, headed straight to Aurora coffee to sufficiently caffeinate my headache and wander around a bit before meeting up with xtex & belmontx. As we were heading up the courtyard on the corner of Euclid and Moreland, D and I spotted this whoa hot daddy bear, and a mutual cruisy sizing up of one another began until my attention span cried out "LOOK!! SHINY!!" in the window of Crystal Blue, and then he was gone. I said to D that I was hoping we could run into him again so I could politely tell him that I hoped I wasn't being too foreward, but the fact that he was so amazing looking kicked my self esteem into overdrive and demanded that I take his picture with his consent. Alas, Daddy bear went off in search of something else, and it was not to be. Well, feh. Just big, fat, FEH. Maybe we'll see him at Pride this summer, and I shall have my opportunity then. </optimism>

We schlepped around for a bit and did some window shopping, looked at a boxful of sweet, schmoo-faced puppies, pondered asking the guy cradling a kitten if it was for sale and whether or not he knew if it was white meat or dark, and then settled on an impromptu nosh at the Vortex. Being that I was in more of a nosher state of mind and not a fresser one, I only ate about half of what I ordered. Not that this is important or even merits documentation, but it's the little details in life, you know what I'm saying? Besides, I wanted to work the phrases "nosher" and "fresser" into a post sooner or later, and this one just felt right given the events at the Vortex. I digress...

So anyway, about this belmontx person. I have been looking forward to meeting him for a while now, I enjoy reading his LJ and have come to believe that he'll be part of my extended family as a result. He turned out to be everything I'd hoped he would be and more, which I must tell you is damned convenient. More in that he's not only one of the most endearing souls I've met in this jaded, cynical, caustic assed world we dwell in, but because he's just so much fun to be around. He's like this magical little being that brings good, calm energy wherever he goes. You don't meet many poeple like that, pay attention and learn from them when you do. I asked him if he'd sit for me in a future photo session, because I think he's really beautiful and whenever I am around people like that the photographer in me wants to capture what I'm experiencing in their presence. It is a profound exchange, one of these days I'll figure out how to explain it in process.

The ride home was a bit long and tedious, and exhaustion took over for both myself and D - neither of whom slept worth a goddamn last night, or for the past few as a matter of fact - but I had a really good day with the love of my life, old friends, new friends, and had it with love to spare and that is all that matters to me right now. So yeah. Good day, great fun. The only thing that would've made it better would have been to have more time to see other friends and to meet people like astounded, but everything in its own time I always say. And more pictures next time. Until then, I leave you with my best memory of today (tied with me singing love songs to my D on the drive up and getting a fantastic bearhug from my favorite bear), which speaks for itself:

And now I have figure out what to do until I feel sleepy again...
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