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News posts here have gotten both facelifted & reformatted, and ribbed for your pleasure. Feedback (as usual) is always welcomed and encouraged. Let the commenting threads begin!

Jeff Gannon (aka TFFKAJDG) upset he was not invited to press dinner
...and this is shocking WHY?
Page Six reports that Jeff Gannon, former White House reporter/male escort, can't believe he wasn't invited to tomorrow's White House Correspondents Dinner. "It seems to me to be odd to exclude the one person who has brought more attention to the White House press corps than anyone else in years," Gannon told Jared Paul Stern. "Probably many who would want to extend such an invitation already assume I will be in attendance." Somehow, we think not, especially since Gannon, aka James Guckert, quit his job with Talon News after it was revealed he was a hooker and a fraud. Meanwhile, the Secret Service has furnished logs of the writer's access to the White House as requested by two Democratic congressmembers and they reveal Guckert made 202 White House appearances over two years and only 155 of the visits were press briefings. What (or who) was going on the other 47?

Microsoft gay rights flip flop tied to right winger Ralph Reed
What in the goddamned hell is THIS bullshit?
With Microsoft's image for fairness and equality in the toilet, things get worse with the discovery that Microsoft has social conservative Ralph Reed on the payroll, and he's earning $20,000 a month! Reed got his start in politics by running the Christian Coalition for super homophobe Pat Robertson. Reed also had a senior role in the 2004 Bush campaign. Microsoft spokesman Mark Murray said Reed was hired to provide advice on "trade and competition issues" and the consultant relationship extends back "several years."

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Columnist Robert Jamieson Jr. writes, "The man dubbed 'The Right Hand of God' has fingerprints all over Microsoft," and it is those fingerprints we see all over Microsoft's suddenly backtracking their support for the gay rights legislation it had embraced just a year ago. Jamieson agrees: "Microsoft's backpedaling has the mark of fundamentalist zealotry and (his company) Century Strategies stamped all over it. The consulting company has a reputation for rounding up Christian opposition to dish out a right-wing force-feeding. And Microsoft swallowed."

Nevertheless, now that the bill is dead, having failed by one vote the day after Microsoft pulled its support, Chairman Bill Gates says he may be rethinking the decision, telling the Seattle Times he was "surprised by the fierce criticism." He says, "Next time this one comes around, we'll see." Queer Day can translate his statements for you easily. He said nothing at all.

Daily Show Report: Gaywatch
The "Running Of The Bears In Pamplona" alone is worth it!

Gay marriage in Spain refused by mayors, compared to Nazism
Watch the Daily Show clip above, it'll put you in a good mood
Several mayors in Spain announced they'll refuse to marry gay and lesbian couples, despite a bill passed by parliament's lower house that will allow us to do so. The measure has moved now to Spain's Senate. Valladolid's Mayor, Javier Leon de la Riva (pictured left tightly embracing Juan Represa) said, "Even if the law allows me to marry homosexuals, I will not exercise this authority." Curious. While Pontons' Mayor, Lluis Fernando Caldentey, called gays and lesbians "defective," adding, "I have never seen two male dogs trying to make love, it is not natural." Actually Mayor Calendentey, many dogs will hump the arm of a sofa if given a chance to.

But don't expect the socialists to put up with this nonsense. In fact, they've pledged to crack down on rebel mayors who refuse to allow same-sex marriage. A senior government figure insisted that public officials "must apply the laws that government proposes and parliament approves." Amen. The Bishop of Castellon, Juan Antonio Reig Pla, has called for this "civil disobedience" saying that "one has to obey God before man, otherwise it will lead to a totalitarian state." Taking it over the top into crazytown, Barcelona's Archbishop actually compared gay marriage to Nazism. "If obeying the law comes before conscience, this leads to Auschwitz," Ricard Maria Carles said.

The angriest man in America
'Nothing's Sacred' to comedian Lewis Black -- not even himself

A Rush Job by the ACLU
ACLU Comes to Rush Limbaugh's Defense

Recently Team Red was discussing the ACLU, and it's clear that there is a widespread belief that it is a liberal organization. If you think of it as nothing more than an tool of Democratic secular-humanist antireligious hippie freak college-going pacifist tree-hugging America-hating Blue-Teamers like myself, you might be surprised by the following Fox News story titled "ACLU Comes to Rush Limbaugh's Defense"

Silencing the Opposition
GOP goes nu-kyu-ler on dissent again

"For some time now, I've been focusing particularly on egregious news concerning Bush's shameless self-promotion through propaganda and his systematic silencing of opposing views. Now, even specific viewpoints are beneath the concern of this administration, as they have resorted to silencing those who have merely given past support to John Kerry or the Democratic Party."

Christian Conservative Activists Declare Holy War on the Nations' Courts
I'll see your jihad and raise you one fatwa

This week's Newsweek Magazine has an excellent article on the Christian Conservative Republicans' Jihad against the third branch of our government. This sort of rhetoric only serves to undermine the judiciary in the eyes and minds of the people. It is not healthy and serves only a portion of the American population.

See also: Bill Frist's Christian Jihad

Tom Delay's Dying Words?
If only!

Tom Delay that bastion of un-questionable morals and ethics, is once again speaking out of the side of his ill-informed mouth, once again attacking the third and co-equal branch of government for its failure to-gasp-rule the way he wanted them to in the Terri Schiavo case.

Ann Coulter's Time Magazine cover story reheated; ignites more interesting stuff
When Time pimped Coulter, it became crystal clear. There are two different liberal webs... *cue sinister music*

Unfairness: GOP Blocked Up or Down Votes on 60 Clinton Judicial Nominees
The GOP has just "discovered" that "fairness" requires up or down votes on judicial nominees.

GA-Gov: signs of life
We'll see about that.

And speaking of polls, last week's Real Time with Bill Maher with panelists Jane Fonda, Maureen Dowd, Joe Scarborough, and Alan Simpson was excellent. Transcript excerpts can be found here (worthwhile reading), and the New Rules segment was especially hilarious:

Real Time with Bill Maher, Episode 52 excerpt: </font>

Terrorism incidents tripled last year
Wha??? You mean St. Dubya full of shit?

No wonder Bush killed the State Department's terrorism report.

See also the following Newshounds piece: In FOX's Wishful Wonderland, We're Winning the War on Terrah

The Rude Pundit
Links to posts on my favorite political blog
The Mensch and the Motherfucker
For the record, I respect Al Gore even more for this, but I still wish he'd rethink that whole tipper thing.
Satanic Judges Eat Jesus

Republicans Are Some Filibusterin' Motherfuckers

Dobson's Mad Justice

Because it's Friday, but do I really need a reason?

Experts: Woodpecker feared extinct found
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