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I SO Want To Fuck Howard Dean; He Can Even Do His Crazyman Hollering When He Comes If He Wants To.
A Scathing Chairman Dean Finds Republicans 'Evil,' 'Corrupt' and 'Brain-Dead'
Howard Dean may not be running for anything, but his elbows appear to be as sharp as ever.

Since taking over as chairman of the Democratic National Committee earlier this year, the former presidential candidate has been quoted in newspapers making unusually caustic remarks about Republicans.

Dean has suggested that they are "evil." That they are "corrupt." He called them "brain-dead" during a stop in Toronto -- and while the Terri Schiavo case was still in the news. He has tagged Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) as a "liar." Last week, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that he mimicked a "drug-snorting Rush Limbaugh" at an event there.

Bush Admits He No Longer Understands His Social Security Proposal
Orders Worldwide Manhunt to Find Someone Who Does
During a speech in Flint, Michigan today, President Bush sent shockwaves through the debate about Social Security by admitting that he no longer understands his own proposal for revamping the nation’s retirement program.

The Flint speech had been billed as a pep rally of sorts for the president’s ambitious Social Security overhaul, which made his candid admission that he could not “make heads or tails of the darned thing” all the more surprising.

“I have read it over and over and over again, and I’ve got to tell you, I do not have a clue what it means,” Mr. Bush told his audience, many of whom audibly gasped. “I had an easier time figuring out The Da Vinci Code.”

At the White House, spokesman Scott McClellan acknowledged that Mr. Bush’s bafflement over his own Social Security proposal may push back implementation of the controversial plan: “According to current estimates, it is highly unlikely that the president will actually understand this plan any time before the year 2029.”

To speed up that timetable, Mr. McClellan said that Mr. Bush is ordering a worldwide manhunt to find someone who can understand his Social Security proposal and explain it to him “as soon as possible.”

“And if that person turns out to be Osama bin Laden, we’ll be killing two birds with one stone,” Mr. McClellan added.

Elsewhere, in a sign of improving relations between the two countries, India and Pakistan announced today that they would transform the disputed region of Kashmir into a gigantic calling center to handle customer service questions from U.S. computer users.

Senator Abel Tapia tells Colorado Senate his son Sebastian is gay
One of Colorado's most powerful legislators, state Senator Abel Tapia, revealed something during his speech in favor of a bill that outlaws discrimination based on an employee's sexual orientation. That's why he called his son Sebastian who lives in Oregon to tell him, "I just told the state Senate you are gay." Sebastian tells the Denver Post, "My dad's a really private person, and so am I, but he's a man of integrity. I think he did what was right." Senate colleages, especially Senator Ron Teck, were spewing homophobic hateful stereotypes. "The very important thing my dad did was put it on a personal level. It was not about gay or straight. It was about family."

Virginia Supreme Court backs gay adoptions
Virginia's Supreme Court has issued a ruling that the state must provide new birth certificates for children born in Virginia who are adopted by out-of-state gay and lesbian couples. A lower court had ruled otherwise because of state policy bans joint adoptions by unmarried couples.

[Link] [Here's the law]
Gay counter protest stuns Westboro crew in Albuquerque
Take THAT, Fred.
When Chris Lucas saw the Phelps klan's signs of hate in Albuquerque, he pulled his car over to join a counter-protest - where he stunned those homophobes by deep kissing a man he'd just met. "I had my eyes closed. It was actually kind of liberating to do this.''

Soulforce to rally at Liberty University
While Soulforce is putting the squeeze on James Dobson next week, they're stirring things up with Jerry Falwell at Liberty University today.
Capitol Hill Democrats stand firm
Lawmakers credit Rep. Pelosi, Sen. Reid
Democrats were supposed to enter the 109th Congress meek and cowed, demoralized by November's election losses and ready to cut deals with Republicans who threatened further campaigns against "obstructionists." But House and Senate Democrats have turned that conventional wisdom on its head.

G.O.P. Senator Casts Doubt on U.N. Nominee
In contrast to optimistic statements from the White House, a top Republican senator said Sunday that John R. Bolton's prospects of winning Senate confirmation as ambassador to the United Nations were "too close to call."

The doubts expressed by the Republican, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, who spoke on the CNN program "Late Edition," came as Democratic critics sharpened attacks aimed at portraying Mr. Bolton as someone who sought to politicize intelligence judgments. Four of 10 Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have expressed concern about Mr. Bolton, on a panel where one Republican vote against him could keep the nomination from reaching the Senate floor.

Frist Urges End to Nominee Filibusters
Democrats Decry Speech at Church Rally
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist delivered a taped speech Sunday to a nationwide broadcast in which Christian conservatives, during other segments, attacked Democratic senators for blocking judicial nominees described in the program as "people of faith."

Frist (R-Tenn.) avoided religious references in his six-minute video for "Justice Sunday," which sponsors said reached 61 million households. The hour-long telecast drew criticism from Democrats and some religious groups who said its theme inappropriately injected religion into a heated debate over the filibustering of some of President Bush's most conservative court nominees.


Also Related: Extremist Sunday: Frist on the Nuclear Option | Media Debating Whether To Ignore Frist's Lie
Documents Show Lobbyist Paid for DeLay's Travel
This one's all over the place, news agencies & blogoshere-wide
Credit card receipts and other documents reveal lobbyists paid for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's expenses during a trip to Scotland in 2000 that totaled over $120,000, The Washington Post reports. The payments are a clear violation of House ethics rules.

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