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Last night, D and I went to my favorite Korean restaurant for dinner. I got my bulgogi and kimchi, which was very spicy and yummy. The people that own this restaurant know me by name (as is the case with many places I frequently patronize here) and always chat us up. Half the fun of this little hole-in-the-wall of a place is that it is all but hidden from view on an out of the way backroad. Damien was looking over the menu when we were putting our order in and saw something that had him laughing almost immediately. He pointed it out to me, and I laughed my monkey ass off when I read it. You will either get this or you won't, if you're gay or a fag hag then your chances are higher. So when you read this, and if you think like we do, you will appreciate that the best beef in the world is always best when it is rimmed to perfection, as seen here:

Tags: food, humor

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