Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Alright, who's coming?

Riverfest Weekend starts this Friday. Keni Thomas and Sugarland are playing that night. I don't know who is planning on coming down for the show, for the weekend, or what.

I know that six10steve will be here on Thursday and Friday - are you staying for the show or heading home before it?

I know that michaelnolan and mynameisbessie want to come - what's the status on that?

I'd very much love for both xtex and belmontx to come down as well. Psssst - Justin - Keni's going to be opening for Sugarland again, you know you wanna....

I'm going to have to look into hotels if anyone plans on staying the weekend, to see what's closer to the house or closer to uptown, because the truth is we just don't have enough room for everyone - although I know that in a pinch we can definitely work something out. So what say you, folks? Who else wants to come with us? Shall we start making plans, or what?


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