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Ganked from dancewithoutme

It's fun to point and laugh at idiots, and even more fun to refute their bullshit with factual proof that they're fucking lemmings, and a nice verbal bitchslap never hurt. I got her twice so far, more as it merits...


To her charge that "God didn't create homosexuals. Homosexuality is a CHOICE...people are not born homosexuals" I replied:
By that standard of logic then you, as a professed heterosexual, were clearly homosexual before you actively chose to be straight. By your own admision, you yourself (nor any other professed heterosexual, in as sweeping a generalization as you've made here) were not born heterosexual, it was a choice you made. You cannot have it both ways.
To her charge that "Being a HOMO is a CHOICE. Get off your high horse. Give me some proof I'm wrong. Can you find any? No...because you are full of crap."I replied:
You asked for proof.

I got more:
Tags: genetic proof that sexuality is fixed
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