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They're Gone!

I got home from the dentist's office about 30 minutes ago, they pulled my teeth about an hour ago. I feel fine for right now, and hope that it will stay that way. As of now it is anyone's guess.

Part of the bone came away with the second tooth and left a kind of fracture in my upper jaw, but it isn't a big deal - just roots that were embedded very far into the bone. I might have a little swelling or bruising but that is a part of it I suppose. I'm going to take a pain pill in another hour and take a nap, they told me that this whole procedure will wear me out. I'm already a little light headed and have been bleeding quite a bit from the gums, but Dr. Largeman said that they were clean extractions and that all went well, considering. I won't go into the harrowing details of it, but I'm glad he gave me extra anaesthesia and I couldn't feel the things I was hearing!

SUCCESS!! NO MORE TOOTHACHES!! THROW A STEAK IN THAT BLENDER, PAPA'S HONGRY! okay, not just yet - but come this evening I bet I will be!

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