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Same Sex Marriage Senate Meeting TODAY in Senate Subcommittee


Anti-GLBT Senators
are holding a hearing on marriage between same-sex couples
TOMORROW. Make sure they hear from YOU.

Provide your own testimony to your Senator
about why discrimination has no place in our Constitution. Click

Click here
to forward this e-mail to your friends and family
and encourage them to help drown out the anti-GLBT voices

Support our fight for equality. We're up
against one of the best funded movements in history. Click here to make your gift.

April 13--a Senate subcommittee is holding the first hearing
this year about marriage between same-sex couples.

They will be hearing
from biased witnesses about how marriage between same-sex
couples will hurt our country. Senators will also be hearing a
story from a woman who lost health care insurance for her
partner because of the passage of a state constitutional
amendment defining marriage.

Please, let them also
hear from YOU. Click here today to ask your
Senator to recognize the dangerous and hidden consequences of
writing discrimination into the Constitution, and remind them to
vote NO on any legislation that will
discriminate against same-sex couples.

And, if you have
a personal reason why you are involved in this fight, this is
the time to tell it! Personal stories make a huge difference to
legislators by not only setting your message apart from all of
the other, identical messages, but also by reminding our
leaders that their actions have an impact on real people every
day. Click here to take action and tell your story.

Some background about
tomorrow's hearing:
The hearing will be held by the Senate
Subcommittee on the Constitution, led by the new chairman Sam
Brownback (R-KS). The hearing is focused on the Defense of
Marriage Act (DOMA) and, for all practical purposes, on the
Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) as well. While the Republican
leadership in the Senate has indicated that a vote on the FMA
will not come until next year, this may be the first in a series
of several hearings that the Republican leadership will call in
preparation of the vote and to gauge how this issue plays with
their constituencies. That's why our strong response is so

Senator Brownback hails
from Kansas, the 17th state in the nation to pass
legislation banning marriage between same-sex
It is in these
states where our fight for equality is most heartrending--where
neighbors are pitted against one another, and the struggle
happens over dinner tables and in school yards. And it is also
where we have the our greatest opportunity: for discussion and
understanding, for introducing ourselves to one another,
for telling our stories.

Just as we will
continue to fight and win national battles as we did last year
when we defeated the Federal Marriage Amendment, we must also
bring our actions and resources to bear in states and cities
across the country.

So, today, please let
the Senator from Kansas know that fair-minded people across the
country are standing up against discrimination. Your voice and
your actions today will continue a record of testimony that will
ensure that the hateful rhetoric we expect tomorrow will not go

Thank you for continuing the fight against
discrimination. Your responsiveness to our e-mails about taking
action truly makes a difference.


Joe Solmonese

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