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Gay father seeks to have restrictions lifted in custody case
Order ousting gay partner hurt child, attorney argues
Rena Lindevaldsen, an attorney who argued for the other side, said the order doesn't prohibit Delahoussaye from seeing the boy. She also said Hedberg's reasons for dissolving the restriction don't "rise to the level of a material change in circumstances" and fail to warrant modifying another state's custody order.

"There's a presumption in this country that a custody order is going to be enforced and it's very rare for another court to say 'We're not going to enforce it."'

Lindevaldsen argued the case for Annica Detthow, the boy's mother, who separated from Hedberg in 1996 and now lives in Florida.

"What has come out is that the Virginia court considered the best interest and said: 'In this situation, we're not going to have two people who are not married living together,"' said Lindevaldsen, an attorney with Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit group that focuses on traditional family and religious liberties.

"This is not about the fact that they're in a same-sex relationship," she told reporters after the hearing.
Oh, of course it's not. And you're also not a hatemongering, twisted, venomous little cunting Christbot either. People like this have no business being involved in legal proceeedings if their entire argument is based on faulted and severely flawed logic and baseless assertions. I think I might have to write an open letter to the editor of their local paper demanding the same revocation of child custody of any heterosexual persons in a cohabitative relationship involving the biological child of one partner - after all, fair is fair, no?

Kansas Mayor Mike Rundle comes out, steps down
[Video link]
Mike Rundle stepped down as Lawrence mayor Tuesday night in protest of the state's recent ban on same-sex marriage. "It is with dignity and pride that I acknowledge that I have been ... in all likelihood, Lawrence's first gay mayor," he said, adding he didn't bring it up before because he wanted the town's focus to be on political issues.
Same-sex marriage in Canada could be blocked by unheard-of constitutional move
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper's efforts to halt same-sex marriage will be successful only if the notwithstanding clause of the constitution is invoked, which has never been used. Meanwhile, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Muslims spoke out in favor of same-sex unions
Homosexual Nazis are savaging the church
by Tom Ambrose, World Net Daily

Please to be clicking the link that is this unbelievable bastard's email address and give him what for, he really needs the feedback. It'll make you feel better, trust me. I'm having to LOL a bit about that headline, that we're homo Nazis savaging the church. If ONLY! *RARR!*

Gay owner uses town's website to blast its marriage vote
This one is GOOD!

For the full rant, click here.

Ditsy charm works wonders in promoting homophobic bigotry
Hmmm - AARP backlash propaganda? Well, Louis P. Sheldon, that fat fuck, is involved - you decide.
Here's a piece about a "folksy grandma" from Fresno who is battling gay marriage. The mobile home living former beautician may play stupid, but Jody Hutchens is the face of Lou Sheldon's very homophobic Traditional Values Coalition in California's Central Valley.

Jeff Kemp on gay marriage
You'll cringe, but still...
This Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial from conservative Jeff Kemp is actually an interesting read. "So let's give thanks to advocates of same-sex marriage. For the first time in decades, Americans are re-examining what they think marriage is."
Britney Spears Is Pregnant
OMG!! i aM SO hApPi for U, gurl! Now please to be either pregnant with the Antichrist so that there might exist one remotely interesting thing about your entire existence - or die in a fiery crash you insipid, vacuous, talentless fleshbag.

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