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Alright, bitches...

Enough! Practically everyone on my Friends list is suffering in one respect or another, has had a really shitty weekend or didn't have a good Zombie Sunday yesterday, is depressed, or otherwise infirmed. This means only ONE thing.

It's Time for Monday Mirth!!
Yes, that little collection of fun stuff that's bound to perk you up and offer some perspective!

Let's start with I Am Terri, some random fundie yahoo's stab at poetry so unbelievably bad that gloomy goth kids everywhere are pointing and laughing at the eleven-fingered, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, cousin-fucking cretin that gave unholy birth to this abortion of artistry. I dare you to read it and not get an attack of nausea, 10,00 points if you read the whole thing without shitting yourself.

Next up, a bit of news!
Arafat Killed By High Tech... "Laser" Attack - Envoy
Damned sneaky Jews, with their high tech lasers and what not!!
Source: Malaysian National News Agency [Link]

Tractor driver suffocates under pile of manure
Source: MSNBC [Link]

IMAX theaters reject film over evolution
Some theaters in South believe 'Volcanoes' a tough sell
Source: [Link]
CHARLESTON, South Carolina (AP) -- IMAX theaters in several Southern cities have decided not to show a film on volcanoes out of concern that its references to evolution might offend those with fundamental religious beliefs.

"We've got to pick a film that's going to sell in our area. If it's not going to sell, we're not going to take it," said Lisa Buzzelli, director of an IMAX theater in Charleston that is not showing the movie. "Many people here believe in creationism, not evolution."

The film, "Volcanoes of the Deep Sea," makes a connection between human DNA and microbes inside undersea volcanoes.

Buzzelli doesn't rule out showing the movie in the future.

IMAX theaters in Texas, Georgia and the Carolinas have declined to show the film, said Pietro Serapiglia, who handles distribution for Stephen Low, the film's Montreal-based director and producer.

"I find it's only in the South," Serapiglia said.

White house seeks an end to Presidential term limits, new Bush re-reelection strategy leaked to media sources!

I David Rees for jumping into the Schiavo fray with new Get Your War On cartoons:

Heads Up - NSFW
This is the worst, most gayest tattoo EVAR. xtex, this link's for you: Merman! MERMAN!!

Now, try having a better day, please. Or I'll kick your fucking asses and petition to have Dubya's feeding tube removed. Got it? Good. If you have fun stuff or linkage to you'd like to contribute, then by all means pass it along by replying here.
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