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I have spent nights with matches and knives...

I'm in a mood. A not-so-stellar one. There are more children here than usual, so I'm more overstimulated than usual and have shut myself up in my room. I'm irritated for personal reasons, and the news is pissing me off everytime Reuters sends an alert to my inbox, so I've disabled them for the time being.

Dear Terri,

I'm sincerely hoping that it was only since you've been unable to comprehend anything and everything that your family turned into the vicious, manipulative, lying cunts that they have. I hope that they were great and unlike this while you were a child, so that you never knew anything of them in their current regard.

I hate that they have solicited the God Nazis to further the agenda of right wing politics in the name of concern for you, and that all those careerists and opportunists have managed to all but pick your bones while you're still breathing. I'm really hoping that I'm not asking too much, but I would very much appreciate it if you could go ahead and die as soon as possible please. Because it's long past time, and I believe as many do that this fight to keep you lingering on like this is cruel.

It is going to be truly sickening when they make you a martyr and shed millions of empty, sentimentless tears over your passing. It's heartless and it's disgusting, and I for one will be grateful when you're gone, not because I don't care, but because every account of what you were like before this happened suggests that you would really hate what has been said and done in your name, and they're not going to stop until they've made you the new messiah.

It wasn't enough to rip apart the man you chose to share your life with, their bloodlust knows no boundaries. I've got a candle waiting for your time, and when it comes, I'll honor you in spite of the hopelessness that has been you. I'm sorry, Terri, I really am.


Call us soon, six10steve, and let us know you're okay. Also, I miss you, xtex - I hope I get to see you both soon.

"And I feel forsaken, like the things I gave away."
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