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I'm not bothering with this anymore after this post, there is no point.

Once the story broke yesterday just before the federal court hearing for Terri Schiavo's parents that experts were in agreeance that her chance of recovery was impossible. The judge has issued a 13 page ruling denying the reinsertion of her feeding tube</b>, as petitioned by the parents. With any luck, she will die peacefully and the entire ordeal she's been puppeteered through for far too many years now will at long last draw to a close. I take no satisfaction in her death, other than the belief that it is not only honoring what she wanted for herself, but that it is an end to the cruelty of making her a symbolic prisoner under the guise of care and concern for her best interests by narcissistic vampires who are only self involved.

I'm not going to get into my personal disgust with the Pro-Life hysterics and the misguided GOP maneuvering that has for the last time (hopefully) drawn this out well past decency. Even the howling I expect from them that Judge Whittemore is partisan, despite his record that suggest anything but liberal. I'm going to write about my own feelings on what was really at stake here.

I'm grateful that I have the mental faculties at present to make out my living will. I'm glad that I can make my own decisions and not force them into the hands of bereaved loved ones who should never have to be placed in that position to begin with. I'm glad that I can make the arrangements while I'm of relatively sound mind that conclude unequivocally what my wishes are regarding dispersal of my material possessions, all seven of them, and what will happen to my body when it is of no use anymore. I consider it an act of love for those I share my life with that I can do this now, while it is still my decision.

For me, being Pro-Choice has always meant being the governor of your own body, politics and reproductive rights aside. It has everything to do with self preservation. I am the only person that has rights to body, it is for no one but me to decide what happens in that respect.

I have always wanted to be an organ donor, as far as I'm concerned everything must go! I'm now making arrangements with the Medical College of Georgia to donate my remains to science, so that others may benefit from another fundamental act of my life. After a year's time roughly, my remains will be cremated at the college. They built a crematory on the premises shortly after the scandal in north Georgia involving Ray Brent Marsh, the crematory operator who dumped 336 bodies awaiting cremation on his family's property and sending the bereaved families of the deceased concrete and sand filled urns. The director of the program decided that they needed to oversee the disposal of their donors, as they care deeply for the donors and families that enable the program and it is the responsible, honorable thing to do. After cremation, my ashes will be personally delivered to Damien, who will do with them whatever he sees fit.

I do not care what kind of observances, religious or otherwise, are made in the event of my death. What am I going to care? Grief is for the living. When someone you love dies, you grieve for yourself and those who have to accept your loss. I understand that funerals, memorials and the like are a fundamental part of this acceptance, and that's fine. Personally, there is no way in hell I'd ever consent to have my dead body made available for viewing. I think that such things are cruel and vulgar, and even though I know that it is a step toward acceptance for some people, I'm sorry, but that's not going to be me.

I love my family and friends enough that I'm not going to have my final act of life be kicking them when they're down. What has ultimately happened to Terri and Michael Schiavo will never happen to us. I'm also glad that I have a partner who knows that I love him deeply and completely, and further knows that I choose him to share my life with in every capacity I'm capable of. I couldn't bear the idea of him grieving himself to death over me without the knowledge that my wishes for him are to go on living as positively and successfully as possible, and that whatever he should choose for himself he shall have my eternal blessing on. Because I love him and I want nothing but to ensure his happiness for as long as he is alive.

Alrighty, that's that. For anyone who might be saddened by this post, please don't be. Life is for the living, and I have no plans to go anywhere anytime soon. I've got tons to do, death isn't something I concern myself with. Unfortunately, I've experienced death many, many times and know firsthand how important it is to discuss these things with your loved ones or at least make your final arrangements while you have the opportunity. Because that's love.
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